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  1. The Hearst Corporation is going to be publishing in San Francisco permanently,
  2. Less than two years later the company was acquired by Hearst Corporation.
  3. In 1896, the Hearst Corporation lured Outcault to its New York Journal.
  4. Morrow is an imprint of HarperCollins, not part of the Hearst Corporation.
  5. He retired as a vice president and director of The Hearst Corporation.
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  7. Hearst Newspapers, a unit of The Hearst Corporation, publishes 12 daily newspapers.
  8. He joined the board of the Hearst Corporation in June 1995.
  9. House Beautiful is published by Hearst Magazines, a division of the Hearst Corporation.
  10. Under his leadership, the size of The Hearst Corporation increased more than sevenfold.
  11. The Post-Intelligencer is one of 12 daily newspapers published by The Hearst Corporation.
  12. "' iCrossing "'is a digital marketing agency owned by Hearst Corporation.
  13. The sale appears to meet the objectives we expressed to the Hearst Corporation,
  14. We have worked with Jeff on numerous Hearst Corporation projects over the years.
  15. The publisher is Fujin Gaho co ., a Hearst Corporation subsidiary.
  16. In December 2012, Hearst Corporation partnered again with NBCUniversal to launch Esquire Network.
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