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  1. The network was acquired by Hearst Media on December 31, 2006.
  2. He remained part of the Hearst media empire until his death in 1936.
  3. Boudjakdji is a granddaughter of the late William Randolph Hearst, founder of the Hearst media organization.
  4. He wrote " House Calls ", a bi-monthly medical column for Hearst Media.
  5. He also finds himself at odds with the Americans because of the Hearst media empire's press campaign against him.
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  7. In its papers, the defense said Hearst gave an interview to Talk Magazine, which is owned by the Hearst media empire.
  8. It is a joint venture of DreamWorks Animation ( a subsidiary of NBCUniversal ) and Verizon Hearst Media Partners, with the former owning controlling interest.
  9. In 2015, Tauck was named the # 1 mid-sized company to work for in southwestern Connecticut in the Top Workplaces Awards by Hearst Media.
  10. Please look into it . ( For a starting point on the media blackout in America please look into the Hearst media empire and a man named Herman Oliphant .)
  11. Singleton has said he considered buying the Chronicle but would not be interested in buying the Examiner, the flagship newspaper of the Hearst media empire, and doubted whether others would.
  12. "' Verizon Hearst Media Partners "'( simply "'VHMP "') is an entertainment and media holding company jointly owned by Verizon Communications and Hearst.
  13. In March 2015, Auctionata raised ?42 million ( $ 45 million ) from a group of investors led by Bernard Arnault, the Polish private equity fund MCI Management SA and the Hearst Media Corporation.
  14. Investors and partners include : Bethany Mota, CAA, BBG Ventures ( AOL's venture fund ), L Or閍l, Hearst Media, Jay Brown, and Allen DeBevoise ( Third Wave Partners ) .,
  15. When the collapse came, all Hearst properties were hit hard, but none more so than the papers; Furthermore, his now-conservative politics, increasingly at odds with those of his readers, only worsened matters for the once great Hearst media chain.
  16. Alfred C . Sykes, chairman of the Center for Communication and president of Hearst Media Technology, said | " Mr . Johnson is a role model for many young people today, an example of how hard work, commitment and belief in oneself can lead to outstanding achievement.
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