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  1. He was hired by the Hearst newspaper group in 1948.
  2. Helped engineer rise of Hearst Newspaper Group from seven struggling dailies in 1977 to nation's seventh largest newspaper company today.
  3. Irish has headed the Hearst Newspaper Group since January 1998, when he succeeded Robert J . Danzig upon Danzig's retirement.
  4. We are very fortunate, however, to be able to bring to Midland a talented member of the Hearst newspaper group as his successor.
  5. Alexander, 61, in his new capacity will provide a wide range of assistance to the Hearst newspaper group, including working with the editors of the 12 Hearst-owned dailies.
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  7. The year Danzig was made Hearst Newspaper Group chief, one of the couple's five children, Marsha, then 14, suffered a relapse of a rare bone cancer that first afflicted her at age 5.
  8. The Hearst Corporation announced Monday that George B . Irish, group executive of the Hearst Newspaper Group and a vice president of the Hearst Corporation, has been elected to the corporation's board of directors.
  9. Prior to becoming the Corporation's chief executive in January 1979, Bennack served as executive vice president and chief operating officer of the corporation and as vice president and general manager of the Hearst Newspaper Group.


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