hermann von dem busche造句


  1. After lampoon on the Curia, " Litancia pro Germania ", which was probably actually written by Hermann von dem Busche.
  2. Hermann von dem Busche, later to become a prominent humanist, was one of his pupils, to whom he imparted a love of classical literature.
  3. First and foremost of these was Erasmus; others were Hermann von dem Busche and Murmellius, the missionaries of humanism, Conrad Mutianus ( Muth von Mudt ) and Pope Adrian VI.
  4. He lived to see the victory of humanism in M黱ster and Westphalia; the humanists Johannes Murmellius and Hermann von dem Busche in their poems praise his pious life and his study of religious books.
  5. He asked the Landgrave Philip I take him in Hesse, and this gave him the chair of the History Department at University of Marburg, the school Philip had established, which had previously been held by German humanist writer Hermann von dem Busche.
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  7. According to them, the first part was the work of Rubianus ( save for the first epistle, written by Hutten ), while the appendix and the second part were mostly by Hutten, with additional contributions from Hermann von dem Busche and others.
  8. His students included some of the children of Giovanni II Bentivoglio, Filippo Beroaldo the Younger ( 1472-1518, cousin of Beroaldo ), Hermann von dem Busche, Polydore Vergil, Andrzej Krzycki, Jodocus Badius, and Giovanni Battista Pio, who both later became professors at Bologna.


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