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  1. Hermann von Eichhorn, to centralize the artillery command.
  2. In August 1918 he succeeded Generalfeldmarschall Hermann von Eichhorn as commander of Heeresgruppe Kiew.
  3. The party was proud in organization of the Hermann von Eichhorn's assassination along with its Russian counterparts.
  4. The German Army Group Kiev was created in order to protect Ukraine from further Bolshevik aggression and headed by the German Field Marshal Hermann von Eichhorn.
  5. On 6 May the commander of the 28th German Landwehr Brigade, General Zierhold, subordinate of Marshal Hermann von Eichhorn, issued an ultimatum to the II Corps, demanding it lay down its arms and surrender.
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  7. Under German occupation, the street was renamed " Eichhornstrasse ", after the German World War I Field Marshal Hermann von Eichhorn supreme commander of Army Group Kiev ( Heeresgruppe Kiew ) and simultaneously military governor of Ukraine during the previous German occupation, who had been assassinated in Kiev in 1918 .)
  8. In late April the German Supreme Commander in Ukraine, Hermann von Eichhorn, issued an order making Ukrainians subject to German military courts for offenses against German interests, the First Ukrainian Division ( the " Blue coats " ) was disarmed, and German soldiers even arrested two ministers after they criticized the German actions.


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