1. A simple hideable menu allowed cutting and pasting between programs.
  2. Would someone be able to modify it so that it is expandable / hideable?
  3. But they were always reasonably hideable ( if that's the right word ) for when the occasion demanded.
  4. Such an option would need to be unobtrusive, and / or hideable, so as not to clutter up the user interface for the vast majority of users who'll never need it.
  5. :: The foundation did not even get true consensus for a much weaker version of this which would permit people to choose to hide such notices forever . and you are proposing one that would not be hideable?
  6. It's difficult to find hideable in a sentence. 用hideable造句挺难的
  7. You could also buy a Tv card for your computer, which are cheep and would basically turn your computer into a television, and has the added advantage of being small and easily hideable if the inspectors come round.
  8. The program has a large range of customization, including custom color palettes for the standard 16 colors, hotkeys, transparency, an auto-hideable mode ( similar to the way Quake originally displayed its developer console ).
  9. The trouble is that this is, so far, a very cumbersome apparatus for a mere encyclopedia article, though I am trusting that one day notes will be fully hideable and perhaps available on clicking in a side bar or superimposed box.
  10. And I believe that one day notes will be hideable, meaning length issues will become irrelevant for notes on Wikipedia, making possible vast subterranean stores of supplementary information for those who are interested . qp10qp 23 : 47, 18 February 2007 ( UTC)
  11. The new revolution came with version 4 in August 2007.36IC 4 had a totally new interface, because the old one still consisted out of the basic 8-bit icons that were extremely hard to see for elder people, the blue hideable menubar was made.
  12. :: But surely that would not solve my main concern ( publicly viewable / un-hideable gunk, whose existence means that we are not following through with WP : DENY fully ), since in your situation we would simply have gunk at MediaWiki : Titleblacklist rather than at Special : Protectedtitles?
  13. The point is that we don't give a drinking age of 5 or 55, but somewhere near physical adulthood, and we don't put a limit of 1ml or 1 cubic meter on carry-on liquids because were are looking at a threshold size for effective but hideable explosives.
  14. A central feature is the hideable information panel at the bottom that can be used to view file properties and contents, generate reports, preview files ( PNG, TIF, GIF, JPG, TGA, PSD, ICO; WAV, MP3, MPEG, AVI; TTF, PFB; HTML, EML, MSG, DOC, XLS, PDF, and many other formats ) and find files.
  15. Because of the rise of small easily hideable cameras ( and mobile phones cameras ) NZ has a law against " Intimate covert filming " While it obviously won't apply in the OP's case because it's unlikely there will be anything'intimate'in the interview room, it does make it a crime to do so even without an intention to publish or use the material for any way but for personal use as I suspect it was for e . g . [ http : / / www . nzherald . co . nz / nz / news / article . cfm ? c _ id = 1 & objectid = 10536668 [ http : / / www . nzherald . co . nz / louisa-cleave / news / article . cfm ? a _ id = 46 & objectid = 10402600 and many similar people.


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