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  1. Akai was in the same class as Hiroyuki Yamaga and Hideaki Anno.
  2. He named 9081 Hideakianno after Japanese animation and film director, Hideaki Anno.
  3. Murakami is influenced by directors such as Hideaki Anno.
  4. It was directed and written by Shinji Aramaki and produced by Hideaki Anno.
  5. He is the prot間?of Hideaki Anno, and a longtime animator at Gainax.
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  7. Hideaki Anno worked as special effects artist and as part of the animation design staff.
  8. Hideaki Anno was chosen as his replacement.
  9. Sadamoto was the original character designer for the anime with Hideaki Anno as the supervisor.
  10. Some of his college classmates include Gainax founders Hideaki Anno and Hiroyuki Yamaga, among others.
  11. Hideaki Anno also gained considerable recognition with " The End of Evangelion " in 1997.
  12. The experimental style of the finale confused or alienated many fans Hideaki Anno received anonymous online death threats.
  13. One notable animator was Hideaki Anno, who later wrote and directed " Neon Genesis Evangelion ".
  14. Hideaki Anno, Takami Akai, and Hiroyuki Yamaga who were undergraduates of that university worked on those animations.
  15. Hideaki Anno was convinced to direct it after initially declining the role due to the stress of making the series.
  16. The manga artist Moyoco Anno ( who is married to anime director Hideaki Anno ) is Kojima's niece.
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