hohai technology university造句


  1. The first president of National Hohai Technology University is Mao Yisheng.
  2. In the autumn of 1924, the Engineering College of National Southeastern University and Hohai Engineering Specialized School were merged to form National Hohai Technology University ( or Hohai Technological University, Hohai University of Technology, Hohai University of Engineering, Hohai College of Engineering, etc . ).
  3. In June 1927, National Hohai Technology University was merged with National Southeastern University, along with several other public schools in Jiangsu province, to form the new Nanking capital national university under Nationalist Government, initially called National Dyisyi Chungshan University ( Disi Zhongshan University ), and soon later renamed Jiangsu University in February 1928 and renamed National Central University in May 1928, and the engineering college of the university was reestablished.
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