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  1. Journal of hohai university natural sciences
  2. Journal of hohai university changzhou
  3. Views on implementation of modern distance education at hohai university
  4. Although true triaxial apparatus is unpopular so far , hohai university has recently designed and manufactured a set of new style true triaxial apparatus , which provides this paper with essential condition to study soil anisotropic deformation characteristic
  5. The survey is focused on college students of divorced families of hohai university , and the sampled students of two - parent families of hohai university , the institute of education of jiangsu province and the institute of engineering of nanjing work as comparative objects
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  7. In the thesis , hhucdt ( hohai university component deployment tool ) that can run on any application server platform is designed . hhucdt can deploy not only standardized deployment units , but also main non - standardized deployment units . the following contents are included in the thesis : 1
    本文设计了一个独立于应用服务器平台的构件部署工具hhucdt ( hohaiuniversitycomponentdeploymemtool ) ,使用该部署工具不仅能将标准的部署单元部署到任意符合最新规范的应用服务器上,亦可兼容部署当前非标准的主流部署单元。
  8. Some primary researches are given in this paper , combined with the project - stability evaluation of concrete high arch dam of tengzigou , which is cooperated between hydraulic structure center of hohai university and dongbei hydroelectric investigation & design ltd . considering actual research work and specification , either concrete strength limit analysis of dam or shear failure of seams in rock abutments are taken singly into account for safety evaluation of high arch dam
  9. The following , according to the current situation of information system construction in hohai university , changzhou , the paper constructs an office automation system in it , including the whole structure , function , running environment and the application of some main technology , such as workflow technology , remote communication and the like
  10. Mr huang got his master degree of engineering surveying at tongji uniersity , his doctor degree of photogrammetry & remote sensing at wuhan technical university of surveying and mapping , was once principal survey engineer at daya bay nuclear power plant in shenzhen , lecturer of surveying engineering of hohai university , and project manager of gis at singapore power ltd . , etc
  11. Last , we discuss several problems in the construction of hohai university digital library . then based on corba technology , we build a metadata architecture of hohai university digital library and construct a description - based library - service proxy model . metadata description of content and service information in the digital library are also presented , and this provides an efficient solutions for the integration of heterogeneous digital libraries
    本文最后讨论了河海大学数字图书馆建设的若干问题,接着以corba技术为核心建立了河海大学数字图书馆的元数据体系结构,提出了一种基于描述的图书馆服务代理模型( dlspm ) ,给出了数字图书馆内容信息和服务信息的元数据描述,为异构数字图书馆的集成提供了一种有效的解决方案。
  12. Computational intelligence and its application in water conservancy and hydropower engineering ( ph . d . dissertation ) doctoral candidate : xu shigang supervisor : suo lisheng chen shoulun ( hohai university , nanjing , 210098 ) abstract computational intelligence ( ci ) which includes evolutionary computation ( ec ) , neural networks ( nn ) and fuzzy system is a new subject developing rapidly
    计算智能包括进化计算、神经网络和模糊理论,是一门正在迅速发展的学科。本文对遗传算法、前馈神经网络、自组织特征映射神经网络及杂合系统进行较为系统的研究,并将成果应用于水利水电工程中,形成了理论、方法与应用研究的完整体系,其主要内容如下: 1
  13. The result of the survey shows that the psychological health condition of divorced families of hohai university is worse than that of other college students of the three universities , including hohai university , the institute of education of jiangsu province and the institute of engineering of nanjing
    笔者采用了两个量表,一是cas量表,即“不安诊断测验”量表,另一个是scl - 90量表。研究结果表明,河海大学离异家庭大学生心理健康状况总体上比三校其他大学生和全国的整体水平要差。
  14. A number of statistical and analytical works have been done by the institutions such as thethird shipping affair engineering and relonnissanle design institue of ministry of communications , hohai university , yangize valley water hudroprower planning and institule , nanjing hydraulic research institute and so on [ 25 - 30 ] . in 1993 , the correlation analyses based on the data from the short - term situ - observation at near sea - route of the yangtse river estuary and the ship - stations were carried out to deduce the wave factors used in the engineering design
    交通部第三航务工程堪察设计院、河海大学、长江流域水利规划设计院、南京水利科学研究院等单位曾作过不少统计和分析工作[ 25 - 30 ] ,在九十年代前期,人们曾根据长江口深水航道或附近短期实测资料与引水船站进行过相关分析,进而推算出设计波要素。
  15. It is discovered that the domestic and foreign true triaxial apparatus already designed and manufactured have their individual merits and faults during debuging and testing the new true triaxial apparatus of hohai university . thus , firstly , the quality of the main domestic and foreign true triaxial apparatus is analyzed and evaluated , and some constructive opinions of designing and manufacturing more reasonable , stable , accurate and dependable domestic true triaxial apparatus in the future are brought up
  16. Saturated sand are testes in the laboratory under the undrained cyclic loading condition with static - dynamic dual purpose triaxial compression test apparatus , which is designed under the cooperation of hohai university and marui co . ltd japan . the results indicate that the stress path approaches from a initial stress point to the failure lines as cyclic loading goes on , and eventually converges on a certain limiting stress path in the vicinity of the failure lines . the stress - strain curve , however , does not converge on a closed hystersis loop ; the shear strain rapidly increases in looser sand or gradually and continually increases in denser sand


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