hohaiyan rock festival造句


  1. Totem won the first prize in the 7th Hohaiyan Rock Festival, which is held annually in Gongliao District, New Taipei.
  2. Since 2000, the Hohaiyan Rock Festival ( ?[ W洊wm m髼jmy ) has been held here for 3 to 5 days in the summer.
  3. Mango Runs was featured in the 2004 documentary " Ocean Fever " ( wm m眖 ), which followed the stories of several acts at the Hohaiyan Rock Festival.
  4. She was a member of the rock band Mango Runs, named most popular act and winner of the " Indie Music Award " at the 2003 Hohaiyan Rock Festival in Taipei County.
  5. Headlining on the last day of the Hohaiyan Rock Festival at Fulong Beach, Cui's participation was promoted on the festival's website with the slogan : " He's really coming !"
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