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  1. The Haltern Hills, including the valleys that separate them, have an area of 283 km?in the southeast of the Hohe Mark Nature Park.
  2. The contents of this document deal with the " Freigericht " (  Free Court ) with four court regions, the so-called " Hohe Mark ".
  3. The Kernm黱sterland is roughly bounded by the valley of the Hohe Mark, Borkenberge and Haard ) to the southwest, the Baumberge and Sch鰌pingen Ridge being included in Kernm黱sterland, whilst the Haltern Hills are part of Westm黱sterland.
  4. Prisoners were treated well medically at the nearby Hohe Mark Hospital, and some POW's were occasionally allowed to visit their comrades at this hospital for company's sake, as well as the better meals provided there.
  5. The northern portion ( north of the Lippe river ) is still called " Hohe Mark " ( " Higher Mark " ), while the former " Lower Mark " ( between the Ruhr and Lippe Rivers ) is for the most part merged in the present Ruhr area.
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