1. Hoisington's one grocery store and one motel are gone.
  2. Hoisington High School lost its auditorium roof and almost every window.
  3. He graduated from Hoisington High School in 1962 as an outstanding senior.
  4. The Guard designated its portion of Parkwater Field as Camp Earl Hoisington.
  5. Hoisington has an even bigger stake in the rally than other money managers.
  6. It's difficult to find hoisington in a sentence. 用hoisington造句挺难的
  7. Hoisington modernized and grew steadily over the following decades.
  8. Hoisington was commissioned in May, 1943, as a WAAC third officer.
  9. Before Hoisington departed, two schools were established, one for each sex.
  10. Hays and Hoisington were promoted on the same day within minutes of each other.
  11. Her brother, Perry Hoisington II, was a United States Air Force general.
  12. The Boom Ride, invented in 1806 in the town of Hoisington, Ohio.
  13. That leads investors including Hoisington to expect the Fed is now poised to cut rates.
  14. Nancy Kaiser of Hoisington watched Stiles play in high school and followed her college career.
  15. In 1990, DeMark and multibillion-dollar fund manager Van Hoisington formed Devan Futures.
  16. One of those investors is Van Hoisington, who runs Hoisington Investment Management in Austin, Texas.
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