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  1. Road vehicles . vehicle dynamics and road holding ability . vocabulary
  2. Glossary of terms for road vehicle dynamics and road holding ability
  3. Road vehicles ; vehicle dynamics and road - holding ability ; vocabulary iso 8855 : 1991 , modified
  4. Good stickiness , good holding ability 、 good clearance of impurity in depression and no incomplete glue
  5. Having sales & marketing working experience for many years , handle customer market in chengdu , and holding ability also
  6. It's difficult to find holding ability in a sentence. 用holding ability造句挺难的
  7. Strengthening the construction of power - holding ability of the party in public security organs and giving full play to the function of organ party organizations
  8. Secondly , the sorts and weights of the components of the gel electrolyte are optimized , and a gpe with excellent performance is prepared , whose ion conductivity reachs 9 . 2ms / cm . we analyze all the factors influencing the performance of the gpe , and study many performances of the gpe , including the microstructure , conductivity performance , liquid electrolyte holding ability , electrochemical stability , thermodynamics stability , and interfacial stability between electrolyte and electrode , et al
    其次,对gpe各组份进行了改进和优化,找到了最佳的配比,制备了性能良好的凝胶电解质,该gpe的室温离子电导率最高可达9 . 2ms cm ;考察了影响凝胶电解质性能的各种因素;研究了凝胶电解质的微观结构、导电性、保液性、电化学稳定性、热力学稳定性以及电解质与电极间的界面稳定性等性质。
  9. It includes the adaptive ability , the market holding ability and the profit ability of agricultural products . it also includes the agricultural sustainable development ability , the agricultural development anti - risk ability as well as the market latent competitive ability through industrial structure optimization and production organization innovation
  10. The changes of leaf water potential , water deficiency , water - holding ability under drought stress conditions were measured . the water parameters were calculated by using pressure - volume technique , also the abilities of maintaining turgor and adjusting osmotic potential of the four species were comprehensively evaluated . the effects of drought stress on photosynthesis , transpiration and water use efficiency were studied


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