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  1. The newly established online home shopping services are one obvious growth area.
  2. The newly established online home shopping services are one growth area.
  3. Alchin said QVC plans to give customers access to home shopping services through the Internet.
  4. "The Goods " is MTV Networks'home shopping service.
  5. It provides cellular communications, home satellite television and is the principal owner of the QVC home shopping service.
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  7. "That would enable them to provide home shopping services, but not pay-per-view or video on demand, " he said.
  8. After suffering through a disappointing holiday sales season, Argos said last month it wants to launch a home shopping service.
  9. In 1994 Spiegel formed a joint venture with Time Warner Entertainment to create two home shopping services for cable television.
  10. Express Gifts is a multi-channel retailer that offers home shopping services through a combination of direct catalogue marketing and online shopping.
  11. They said the merger represented a concentration in a relevant market and that it might keep rival cable home shopping services off the air.
  12. He says Time Warner's cable holdings can be " full-service networks, " carrying not only television programming, but also telephone service, video-on-demand and home shopping services.
  13. The company closed down its online entertainment home shopping service in 2007 due to losses, with a slimmed down range complementary to the core grocery shop.
  14. On 23 March 2000 J Sainsbury plc announced a business-to-business e-commerce venture and on 12 April 2000 the home shopping service was re-branded'Sainsbury's to You'and'Sainsbury's entertain You '.
  15. Last month, U S West Inc . canceled plans to provide interactive home shopping services over its network, citing the high cost of the service and its unproven technology.
  16. There is no debate in these cyber-campaigns, which often end up resembling a combination of a home shopping service, quiz show, endless testimonial dinner fund-raiser and one-sided radio call-in show.
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