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"hug drug"是什么意思   


  1. Aka : X, XTC, hug drug, love drug, E, Essence, Adam.
  2. Thus, Ecstasy has been called the " hug drug " or the " love drug ."
  3. "Large segments of the teen market believe the'hug drug'is a low-risk, high-benefit experience ."
  4. "They think it's a hug drug, it's a dance-all-night, feel-good drug,"
  5. "They think it's a hug drug, it's a dance-all-night, feel-good drug, " he said.
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  7. An internal euphoria mixes with an external emotional warmth to deliver the nickname " the hug drug " and make someone feel that all is right with the world.
  8. As with cocaine in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Ecstasy-- the increasingly popular pill sometimes called the " hug drug "-- is widely believed by teen-agers to be safe and is readily available, said Stephen Pasierb.
  9. Much has been written over the past few years about the rise of ecstasy, a mood-altering drug with seemingly contradictory effects _ high energy, a jolt in heart rate, gregarious behavior mixed with a peaceful, placidly euphoric feeling that has earned it the moniker, " the hug drug ."


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