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  1. Ifor Evans offered him a job, and in 1942 Hornby came back to Britain and joined the Council, which posted him to Iran.
  2. A year before publication, Hornby had managed to send an advance copy in sheets of the book to B . Ifor Evans at the British Council, a tough feat during the war.
  3. Louise Bogan, writing for " Nation ", surmised that while " the book's great beauties, its wonderful passages of wit, its variety, its mark of genius and immense learning are undeniable [ . . . ], to read the book over a long period of time gives one the impression of watching intemperance become addiction, become debauch " and argued that " Joyce's delight in reducing man's learning, passion, and religion to a hash is also disturbing . " Edwin Muir, reviewing in " Listener " wrote that " as a whole the book is so elusive that there is no judging it; I cannot tell whether it is winding into deeper and deeper worlds of meaning or lapsing into meaningless ", although he too acknowledged that " there are occasional flashes of a kind of poetry which is difficult to define but is of unquestioned power . " B . Ifor Evans, writing in the " Manchester Guardian ", similarly argued that, due to its difficulties, the book " does not admit of review ", and argued that, perhaps " in twenty years'time, with sufficient study and with the aid of the commentary that will doubtless arise, one might be ready for an attempt to appraise it . " Taking a swipe at many of the negative reviews circulating at the time, Evans writes : " The easiest way to deal with the book would be [ . . . ] to write off Mr . Joyce's latest volume as the work of a charlatan.
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