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  1. In combustion engines, various steps are taken to eliminate a flame.
  2. So why isn't water mixed with petrol in combustion engines?
  3. We pump our own gas and can change a tire, but we are not fluent in combustion engine matters.
  4. His improvements to fuel efficiency in combustion engines, the'Stetair', was rewarded at the Geneva Motor Show in 1974.
  5. For example, NASA ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration ) is conducting research on advanced copper alloys for their possible use in combustion engines.
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  7. According to a statement from the academy, Olah's work allowed improvements in combustion engines by raising the octane of fuel without adding to pollution.
  8. As such, it has served for more than a century as the basic design in combustion engines, from which all other improvements and engineering developments derive.
  9. As their combustion forms particles of silicates and microcrystalline quartz, which cause abrasion of combustion engine parts, they pose problems for the use of such gases in combustion engines.
  10. If ceramics could be made as tough as conch shells, they would find new uses in combustion engines, furnaces, body armor and other applications for which they are now too brittle.
  11. Sprays angles are important in coating applications to prevent overspraying of the coated materials, in combustion engines to prevent wetting of the cylinder walls, and in fire sprinklers to provide adequate coverage of the protected property.


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