in commendam造句

"in commendam"是什么意思   


  1. for example, " in commendam " should be limited in custodial behaviors which are produced by clientage based on trust; as for borrower relationships, leasehold relationships, guarantee relationships, spontaneous agency and unjust enrichment, the embezzlement in others " properties should be solved by civil means
  2. but there are still great differences in some theoretical problems, such as ranges in commendam, indecisive consistency between oblivious property and lost one, the time limit of refusal to return or refusal to hand in, litigant forms, and in judicial practice, cognizance of non-crime, this-crime, mat-crime and some difficult and complicated cases
  3. the article put its emphasis on discussing the object of the crime of embezzlement, the characteristic of the objective aspect of crime and means of prosecution, etc . the author considered that the range in commendam include the property held in trust immediately by another person and the property held by the owner himself while illegal action of keeping is an exception
  4. It's difficult to find in commendam in a sentence. 用in commendam造句挺难的


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