in communion with造句

"in communion with"是什么意思   


  1. Hopes to serve as an online community of catholics in communion with rome
  2. Darby : see israel according to flesh : are not they who eat the sacrifices in communion with the altar
  3. He seemed in communion with the genius of the haunt : with his eye he bade farewell to something
  4. Only when we are in communion with god will we understand what good situations hes has arranged for us , in what aspects hes has taken care of us , and what beneficial things hes has bestowed upon us
  5. They have been told that we must come together not as the native race of the red people , but as one human race - white , black , yellow and red - under one great spirit in communion with the earth mother nature
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  7. I encourage you , indeed , to remain in communion with me , and i encourage you to stop assuming that being in communion with me is going to make your illusion more understandable , that it is going to make your definitions more meaningful , or at least help you to raise them to a greater and more perfected form of meaningfulness , by definition


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