in communion造句


  1. It is probable that the prelates were in communion with Rome.
  2. He accepted as an authority men not in communion with Rome.
  3. In communion with the Pope they reaffirm certain basic principles:
  4. Many Protestants believe that sharing in communion can help bring about unity.
  5. Catholics believe that Christ is present in flesh and blood in Communion.
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  7. Until 1054 the Latin and Greek Churches were in communion.
  8. As Son, Jesus is always in communion with God the Father.
  9. They remained in communion with the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.
  10. John Chrysostom spent much of his life not in communion with Rome.
  11. They received the host in communion only at the end of a stick.
  12. The last bishop in communion with the see of Rome was Thomas Thirlby.
  13. The bishop is in communion with other local churches.
  14. But studies by other researchers have shown that microbes can survive in communion cups.
  15. I need to do that, I need to be in communion with them.
  16. We are in communion with the pope and we have a tradition to uphold,
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