in reverie造句


  1. He frequently indulges in reverie, drawing peals of laughter from all.
  2. Drift away in reverie all you like.
  3. Are they separate beings lost in reverie, each unaware of the presence of the others?
  4. Between taping interviews for segments to be aired later in the day, Lamb seemed lost in reverie.
  5. During those interludes, the wife finds an escape in reverie, including a dreamy romance with the headwaiter.
  6. It's difficult to find in reverie in a sentence. 用in reverie造句挺难的
  7. And pictures of Venice, that isolated city, preternaturally empty, suspended in reverie, waiting to be awakened.
  8. He seems lost in reverie on the day before he was to appear in the inaugural parade of President Roosevelt.
  9. Neuwirth was lost in reverie, when the MC, Jones, came on stage to extol Neuwirth's virtues.
  10. Lyrically, all are considered similar except for " In Reverie ", which is a more positive album.
  11. His voice sometimes carries a Mametian rhythm, and he frequently closes his eyes while talking, as if lost in reverie.
  12. Assisted, the pope sank to his knees and kissed it, lifting from its marble surface a face lost in reverie.
  13. When you're indulging in reverie, you might as well dream big, especially when you happen to have the game.
  14. It was utter insanity . " in regards to the failure of " In Reverie " and subsequent release from DreamWorks.
  15. Several of the album's tracks were written as far back as 2003, immediately after the " In Reverie " sessions.
  16. The song " Woe ", for example, was the first song Conley wrote after the completion of " In Reverie ".
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