in the cash造句

"in the cash"是什么意思   


  1. on the payment date, the following entry would be made in the cash disbursements journal .
  2. the seal lock is now available in the cash shop
  3. and must not be included in the cash flow values of
  4. we have found and rectified the errors in the cash book
  5. in the cash world, anonymity can be a cloak for wrongdoing
  6. It's difficult to find in the cash in a sentence. 用in the cash造句挺难的
  7. the cash flow statement summarizes the changes during a period in the cash balance for the firm
  8. does the information disclosed in the cash flow statement of taiwan listed corporation have related information content
  9. a hedge is placed by taking a futures position opposite to the position held in the cash market, and exactly equivalent in value
  10. about $ 690, 000 cash in the cash box was found stolen while the bullet head will be sent to the forensic firearms examinations bureau for examination
  11. the pressure on household budgets looks set to be compounded by a slowdown in the cash delivered to consumers from buy-backs by the us corporate sector
  12. a person who places a hedge to lock in a price for a commodity . he or she offsets the hedge and transacts in the cash market simultaneously
  13. the translation of foreign currency in the cash flow statement shall be subject to the accounting standards for business enterprises no . 31-cash flow statement
  14. 4 the surveyor institution sgs / ciq inspection fee at destination port is at buyer's account; seller can do this inspection for buyer at first and charge lately in the cash payment
  15. part 2 : analysis in the cash flow-discounted method of enterprise valuating fit for value management 1 . summarize the principles of the " cash flow-discounted model " and the two elements of the model . 2
  16. if be, in the cash that pays treasure big case can be at ease, because pay the safety factor of treasure very tall, be before everybody is not satisfactory is ok if if discover the other side, perhaps be cheater, refund can be complained to tecent
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