in the center of town造句

"in the center of town"是什么意思   


  1. I try to avoid driving in the center of town
  2. You should take the bypass to avoid the traffic in the center of town even though it takes you more time
  3. Lots of gold in the center of town , a distance of only 3 minutes cheung muk tau station , 107 state road under tight , very convenient traffic
  4. It is located in the center of town , near bayi square , it takes 20 minutes to chang bei new airport , 10 minutes to nanchang railway station and 5 minutes to long distance bus station
    地理位置得天独厚,毗邻八一广场,地处商业中心,距离昌北新机场20分钟车程, 10分钟可达南昌火车站, 5分钟可达长途汽车站。
  5. The only site that draws a regular trickle of visitors is ta mok ' s concrete villa in the center of town , with its irrational maze of big , bare rooms and its underground bunker
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