in the character of造句

"in the character of"是什么意思   


  1. There was no change in the character of the desert .
  2. Secondly, an important shift in the character of exports and imports took place .
  3. I left the house a little after eight o'clock this morning in the character of a groom out of work .
  4. I went to sleep that night in the character of lady verinder's farm-bailiff, and i woke up in the character of lady verinder's house-steward .
  5. Systematic change in the character of business enterprise has been explored by a school of economic history interested in entrepreneurship .
  6. It's difficult to find in the character of in a sentence. 用in the character of造句挺难的
  7. Vanity is the great flaw in the character of many women
  8. There is a mixture of the tiger and the ape in the character of that guy
  9. A mask , in the character of an old woman , joined them
  10. Our product is in the character of functional , environmental protection and lasting clean
  11. Our products is in the character of funtionable , environmental protection and lasting clean
  12. Her triumphs in the character of a beautiful and elegant woman did not surprise pierre , for with years she had become even more beautiful than before
  13. Genius in the characters of napoleon and of alexander , and shall indeed be unable to conceive of those persons as being in any way different from everybody else
  14. To free ourselves from animal instincts and appetites , which keep us down , we should begin at the very root from which we spring : we should effect a radical reform in the character of the food
  15. Nothing else that has being would have been tolerable to me in the character of creditor for such an obligation : but you : it is different ; - i feel your benefits no burden , jane
    我无法再说别的话了,要是别的债主,我欠了那么大情,我准会难以容忍,可是你却不同。我并不觉得欠你的恩情是一种负担,简。 ”
  16. Noirtier regarded the lovers with a look of ineffable tenderness , while barrois , who had remained in the room in the character of a man privileged to know everything that passed , smiled on the youthful couple as he wiped the perspiration from his bald forehead
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