incident record造句

"incident record"是什么意思   


  1. Generally this is the result of a particularly traumatic incident recorded within this area of the form that the initiate would rather not deal with or face
  2. To examine college students ' coping process , this present authors , with the mode " process - orientation " in their minds , have adopted two methods : " incident record " and " individual interview " , for the six - week tracing examination of 28 students
  3. Between january and september 2004 , the agriculture , fisheries and conservation department ( afcd ) recorded 29 red tide incidents , higher than the 17 incidents recorded over the same period last year . the surge may be attributed to this summer s rainfall being higher than last summer
  4. Of the 29 red tide incidents recorded this year , all but one were formed by non - toxic species . as all these red tides receded within a short time , they had not caused any serious oxygen depletion in seawater and thus should not have caused significant impact on the marine resources and ecology
  5. Apart from providing the necessary nutrients for algae , rainwater also lowered the salinity of sea surface layer . the resultant stratification facilitated algae aggregation and increased the chances for occurrence and persistence of red tides . previous red tide incidents recorded in hong kong waters lasted from one day to several weeks
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