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  1. _All-inclusive price : Includes land arrangements, round-trip airfare and other transportation.
  2. Many managed-care companies already pay an all-inclusive price for a few types of cases.
  3. All-inclusive price per person for one show, three-course dinner, tax and gratuity is $ 50.
  4. The all-inclusive prices are $ 2, 097 to $ 2, 497 a person in double occupancy.
  5. Silversea advertises an all-inclusive price, including liquor, tips, port charges, transfers, porter charges and economy air fare.
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  7. Both include sightseeing vouchers in the cities of your choice and airport transfers if you choose an air-inclusive price.
  8. Each all-inclusive price covers airfare, all meals, drinks ( sometimes bar brands ), transfers from the airport, taxes and gratuities.
  9. All are operated on an all-inclusive pricing policy that includes breakfast, cappuccino, all-day tea, desserts in the evening and video libraries.
  10. The all-inclusive price-- $ 1, 514-- was hardly a bargain, but a 25-percent-off sale knocked that down to $ 1, 135.
  11. The tour's all-inclusive price of $ 34, 700 per person, double-occupancy features the finest accommodations, first-class travel from guests'home cities to Ft.
  12. Studying the list, however, I found two other stores that best matched my preference for both a reasonable all-inclusive price and a quick delivery.
  13. Inclusive prices range from $ 740 per person double for a four-day excursion to $ 2, 675 per person double for a 10-day trip.
  14. All-inclusive price per person for one show, meal ( brunch menu ), tax and gratuity is $ 21.95; $ 10 for children under 5.
  15. Because businesses claim back their input GST, the GST inclusive price is usually irrelevant for business purchasing decisions, other than in relation to cash flow issues.
  16. Some sites have now started to offer dynamic packaging, in which an inclusive price is quoted for a tailor-made package requested by the customer upon impulse.
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