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  1. The controls also let a worker shift the position of lighting or breathe fresh air through individual vents.
  2. Individual vents for basalt volcanism include small cinder cones, volcanic plugs, and gabbroic feeders, which locally crosscut lava flows.
  3. Controls for heating and air conditioning were simplified, and additional individual vent controls were added for the driver and passenger.
  4. The scale of the investigation ranged from extensive regional studies mapping unexplored seafloor to microscopic and chemical analyses at individual vent sites.
  5. Needles would pierce membranes on the containers, releasing the scents, which would then be blown by fans through the pipes to individual vents underneath the audience members'seats.
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  7. Deployed by a deep submergence vehicle, this could be placed over individual vents for extended time periods to record the characteristics of the fluids as they emerge.
  8. The next development of the SZD-48 involved a new forward fuselage with forward opening single piece canopy, which simplified production as well as improving access to the instrument panel and rudder controls, a rudder with increased area and revised water ballast system with individual vent / jettison valves for each wing tank and special funnel for filling.


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