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  1. However , individual wealth management new business volumes declined 29 per cent due to continuing unattractive equity markets and low interest rates
  2. By the end of september there were 60 banking institutions in china offering individual wealth management services such as mutual funds , insurance products and offshore investments
    截至9月底, 60家银行业金融机构推出了个人理财服务,如共同基金、保险产品和离岸投资产品。
  3. Individual wealth management new business volumes were down 31 per cent , however , as a result of a significant reduction in surrenders and withdrawals , net sales increased
  4. Sales of individual wealth management products in china shot up in the last quarter of 2007 as banks expanded their product offerings , the banking regulator said yesterday
    中国银行业监管机构昨日表示,随着各银行扩大产品种类, 2007年最后一个季度中国个人理财产品销售额大幅飙升。
  5. The increased earnings resulted from positive contributions from acquisitions in 2001 , increased sales and higher margins on individual wealth management products and expense efficiencies
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  7. In wealth management operations , strong mandatory provident fund sales in asia were offset by lower variable annuity and pension sales in the u . s . and individual wealth management and pension products in canada
  8. The increased earnings were driven by higher margins on individual wealth management products ; particularly the redesigned and repriced segregated fund product and strong growth in the group benefits inforce block
  9. The increased earnings were driven by improved margins in individual insurance and individual wealth management businesses partially offset by less favourable long - term disability claims results in group benefits
  10. Increased earnings for the quarter resulted from expense efficiencies across all business lines , improved margins in individual wealth management and positive contributions from acquisitions completed earlier in the year
  11. In wealth management operations , the pension businesses in both the u . s . and canada experienced increased sales , while volatile equity markets resulted in offsetting declines in variable annuity sales in the u . s . and in individual wealth management products in canada
  12. Growth in premiums and deposits of 25 per cent in group pensions and 26 per cent in group benefits was more than offset by a 31 per cent decrease in individual wealth management deposits resulting from volatile equity markets and the low interest rate environment
  13. The extent of the common wealth should be limited and stipulated definitely , while the extent of the individual wealth should be enlarged to a certain degree . 2 . the reversionary interest of marital property should be provided and the damages system should be set up
  14. These increases were partially offset by a decrease in individual wealth management premiums and deposits , where higher sales of fixed - income products were more than offset by lower segregated fund deposits , as a result of investor reaction to volatile equity markets . funds under management increased by six per cent to cdn 33 . 6 billion as at december 31 , 2001 from cdn 31 . 9 billion as at the same time last year


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