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  1. Can any shift in the use of resources make some individuals better off ?
  2. Can any shift in the use of resources make some individual better off without making someone else worse off ?
  3. An aquitard stores water and transmits enough water to be regionally significant but not enough to supply individual wells .
  4. Based on the analysis of sedimentary facies in individual wells and the correlation of three cross sections of sedimentary facies , it is elaborated that sedimentary facies of jianglingjiang formation are vertically and laterally developed within qianwei area . by the method of single - factor analysis , it is pointed out facies distribution of four key formations after thorough study of four geologic factors that could embody sedimentary environment and facies , that is the thickness of formation , grainstone and dolostone , and lithofacies . with the above results , combining with reservoir and structural features , of which the emphasis is the reservoir characteristics of different rock and microfacies types , it is pointed out favorable reservoir zones , by the method of multi - factors superposition
  5. Through the analysis of petrology characteristics and individual well section of sedimentary facies of five core holes , direction of sedimentary source area , the depositional framework and main facies types and its features of penglaizhen formation , baimamiao - songhua area are elaborated on the basis of sedimentary backgroud of region . from this above , in view of the study of the correlation of 3 cross sections of sedimentary facies , it is pointed out that distribution regularities of sedimentary facies and possible places of distribution of sand bodies of iii , iv member of penglaizhen formation are vertically and laterally developed in baimamiao - songhua area . by the analysis and contrast of seven plans of sedimentary facies and nine isopach maps of sandstone , the planar characteristics of distribution of sedimentary facies are summarized , meanwile , macroscopic distribution regularities of sand bodies is studied in iii , iv member , penglaizhen formation of baimamiao - songhua area
    通过5口取心井的岩石学特征、单井剖面相分析,结合区域沉积背景,阐述了研究区蓬莱镇组的物源方向、沉积格局、主要沉积相类型及其特征;在此基础上,通过3条连井剖面的沉积相对比研究,揭示了研究区蓬段、蓬段纵向与横向上沉积相的分布规律及砂体的大体分布位置;通过7张沉积相平面图、 9张砂岩等厚图的分析对比,总结了蓬段、蓬段沉积相的平面分布特征,宏观上研究了蓬段、蓬段的砂体展布规律。
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