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  1. The same is true for individual workers
  2. Individual worker ' s ownership
  3. Salaries of individual workers vary according to specific industry , professional experiences and qualifications
  4. The responsibility for those people to adjust to such change should belong to the individual worker , not to government or to business
    适应这种改变的责任属于每个工人而不是政府或企业。 ”
  5. His staff of experts , each armed with clipboard and stopwatch , studied individual workers with a view toward eliminating unnecessary movement
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  7. He suggests that in a world where employers do not know the productivity of individual workers , paying an average wage will not maximize the firm s profit
  8. Company worker ( contain town individual worker ) before reaching emeritus age , interrupt capture to expend or stop pay cost , what kind of consequence will produce
  9. The working conditions and pay standards agreed upon in the labour contracts signed by individual workers and the enterprise management shall not be lower than those provided for in the collective contract
  10. Individual worker also wants town to implement system of primary endowment insurance stage by stage , apply method to be decided by government of people of province , municipality , municipality directly under the central government actually
  11. After individual worker presses insurance premium of formulary pay society , social security orgnaization establishs individual account for its , write down capture to expend fixed number of year , can uninterrupted length of service can write down calculative account of individual endowment insurance , as the basis that determines emeritus condition and computational annuities
  12. Want to join the individual worker of social endowment insurance , proof of census register of the dweller on the belt and id ( original and photocopy ) , deal with to company a place difficult of access entrust an unit , deal with individual worker primary endowment insurance opens an account , capture expends formalities
    要参加社会养老保险的个体劳动者,带上居民户籍证实和身份证(原件及复印件) ,到社险办理委托单位,办理个体劳动者基本养老保险开户、缴费手续。
  13. The worker that individual account uses at the record to attend primary endowment insurance ( contain individual worker ) the primary endowment insurance of pay is expended and from the enterprise ( or individual and industrial and commercial householder ) delimit in pay cost turn the cost of primary endowment insurance that notes , and the accrual amount of afore - mentioned two parts
  14. Ever since no matter this laborer is in why to the unit works or seek a profession oneself , become individual worker , all should continue to attend social endowment insurance , the time that around plays endowment insurance ( the length of service that includes to regard capture as expenses fixed number of year ) can incorporate computation expends fixed number of year for capture
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