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  1. In a society that still believes in individual worth, that is a heavy burden.
  2. Athletics as a measure of individual worth was seen as a cure to social inequality.
  3. In addition, there were 170 billionaires, individuals worth at least a thousand million dollars.
  4. In short, they championed the notions that negated individual worth, dignity and the value of human life.
  5. Bamford paid more than fair wages, which rose regularly, and annual bonuses based on reports of individual worth.
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  7. The district's proposed strategic plan states that every student possesses " unlimited capacity and individual worth ."
  8. Federal tax law requires that donors pay a tax on any gift to an individual worth more than $ 10, 000.
  9. In its report, the commission said gold confiscated from individuals worth $ 146 million was deposited in the Reichsbank during World War II.
  10. Under the policy, businesses and individuals worth more than $ 1 million must pay 10 percent of their assets or risk being kidnapped.
  11. A CEO agent may do the legwork to manage an individual's reputation _ that intangible asset that defines an executive's individual worth.
  12. Huhne said that he wanted the party to be committed to the idea that " everybody's individual worth and chance is given its full possibility ."
  13. It spoke to me _ white, female, a teenager from a family of modest means _ about overcoming odds and about individual worth, about personal striving and aiming high.
  14. On the individual level, the Order aims " to promote the progress of individual worth, without the imposition of dogma, or exacting the abandonment of cultural or religious ideas ".
  15. In a 1964 interview, Lee remarked that her aspiration was " to be . . . the Jane Austen of South Alabama . " Both Austen and Lee challenged the social status quo and valued individual worth over social standing.
  16. It was a century in which freedom triumphed and generosity became a global ideal because of the most distinctive of all American inventions, a society based on the values of political freedom, economic opportunity, individual worth and equal justice.
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