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  1. Seeking solution for difficulty in raising funds of individually - run enterprises
  2. Research on the management structure problem of individually - run enterprises in china
  3. The branch office of far & wide will continually try its best to provide high - quality legal services concerning insurance maritime , being listed of the enterprises , investment , real estate affairs for all clients from insurance corporations , shipping companies , foreign - investment and individually - run enterprises
  4. During the period of this transformation , a special enterprise type - individually - run enterprise has been formed . they took this special marketing opportunity , made a marvelous development and finished their original accumulation , and got over their initial stage
    自改革开放以后,我国市场上涌现出一个特殊的企业群体? ?民营企业,它们抓住特殊的市场契机,在短时间内取得了超常规的发展,初步完成了资本的原始积累,走过了他们的创业阶段。
  5. Along with the development of the marketing economy and the china ' s entering into the wto , the individually - run enterprises of china are faced with the growing intense market competition . under this circumstance , the needs of all kinds of qualified people of enterprises are gradually increasing , while the mechanism of human resources management in private enterpirses is ill - developed , being a “ bottleneck ” restriction
    随着市场经济的不断发展以及中国加入wto ,我国的民营企业正面临着日趋激烈的市场竞争,在这种形势下,企业对各种类型人才的需求逐渐增大,而民营企业人力资源管理制度的不健全已经成为企业发展的‘瓶颈’ 。
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  7. Different from state - owned enterprises , individually - run enterprises and foreign enterprises , family business , as a special form of enterprise organization , has adopted a unique administration mode during its long - time practice of operation and management , which reflects and conforms to its own characteristics such as intense unification of ownership and management , patriarchal management , hierarchical and sequential management and reliance on the internet etc . this ethical research of the administration issue of contemporary family business in china aims to investigate and evaluate the factual practice of the business administration in terms of values
  8. The research revealed this develop rule of " re - establishment " both in theoretical and practical way . the research intends to illuminate and instruct the " re - establishment " practice of numerous individually - run enterprises , and hopes to complement and enrich china ' s enterprise managerial theories
    本论文的研究力求从理论和实践两个方面去揭示民营企业发展的规律性和剖析民营企业的“二次创业” ,试图通过这样的研究,能够启发和指导我国众多民营企业的“二次创业”实践,并期望对我国的企业管理理论能起到补充作用和丰富作用。
  9. This dissertation is based on this special stage and phenomena . at first , this paper discussed life cycle of the individually - run enterprises , and then analyzed the internal and external essential factors of revolved company ' s success or failure by using fundamental strategy and financial management theories , so as to summarize useful inspiration . with this inspiration , this paper brings forward the intension , essential elements and implementers strategy of " re - establishment " based on the in - depth and lucubrate study of the growing rule and fail reason


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