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  1. Comment on individual insurance account
  2. Napier also has a contract to deliver an msc in insurance accounting to the southwest university of finance and economics in chengdu
  3. A former agent of an insurance company was sentenced to 220 hours of community service for misappropriating funds from the insurance accounts of his clients
  4. Because of the particularity and complexity of insurance management , our country should establish the insurance accounting standards to be on speaking terms
  5. All the settlement compensation and some of soil compensation go to the special social insurance accounts of the right departments , and go to the private accounts of the farmers
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  7. In the second part , we compare the different between ifrs and our country s insurance accounting system , sanding out the necessary of convergence of ifrs and our country s insurance accounting system
  8. Because of the particularity of insurance companies , in addition to the general accounting principles , most of the insurance accounting has to comply with the regulatory accounting rules made by the insurance regulatory organizations
  9. Essentially , life insurance reserve is a liability . on one hand , it is central subject of life insurance accounting , and on the other hand , it is the direct base of solvency to an insurance company of life
  10. Soldier of be transferred to civilian work ( contain volunteer , retired cadre ) came in january 1993 it is before be transferred to civilian work during unit work , the individual is basic endowment insurance account stores the forehead plans as a whole by endowment insurance fund gives plan into
    转业军人(含志愿兵、复员干部) 1993年1月至转业前在部队工作期间,个人基本养老保险帐户储存额由养老保险统筹基金予以计入。
  11. By a long time research and discussion , international accounting standards board ( iasb ) issued international financial reporting standards4 ( ifrs4 ) in 2004 , which indicated the first phase of establishing insurance accounting standards was finished . 5 years ago , we joined wto
    国际会计准则理事会( iasb )经过多年的研究和探讨,在2004年发布国际财务报告准则( ifrs ) 4 ,这标志着iasb对建立与保险行业相应的会计框架的第一阶段任务已经完成,并于2005年在欧盟开始实施。
  12. As the gradual opening of insurance market , it is necessary to carry the formal insurance accounting standards which accord with internatinal demand into execution . there is 4 parts in this paper : first part is brief introduction of international financial reporting standards , which introduce insurance contract accounting of ifrs
  13. Our country s actual insurance company accounting system is < financial corporation accounting system > , which accord with the demand of the supervision . there is no formal insurance accounting standards . with the development of insurance 、 the international fluxion of capital 、 the insurance companies coming into the foreign market , which financial reporting standards will accord with the demand of investors and public , become a focus of insurance companies s financial reporting
    随着我国保险业的发展,保险公司逐步发展壮大,公司资本在国际间的流动,保险公司也逐步开始在不同国家上市筹资, “保险公司应该以一种怎样的财务报告准则披露公司的资产、负债、所有者权益才能符合投资者和公众的要求”成为了保险公司财务报告披露的焦点问题。
  14. Unless otherwise agreed , the broker has , as against the assured , a lien upon the policy for the amount of the premium and his charges in respect of effecting the policy ; and , where he has dealt with the person who employs him as a principal , he has also a lien on the policy in respect of any balance on any insurance account which may be due to him from such person , unless when the debt was incurred he had reason to believe that such person was only an agent


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