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  1. In our country , it ’ s very necessary to develop the public insurance adjuster
  2. Bill lacovara , an insurance adjuster from ventnor , new jersey , said he waded out to get the bag while on a fishing trip last week
  3. Bill lacovara , an insurance adjuster from ventnor , new jersey , said he waded out ( 5 ) to get the bag while on a fishing trip last week
  4. With this intelligent notification services application , jk insurance adjusters subscribe to receive notifications when an insurance agent files a new claim in their name
    使用这个intelligent notification services应用程序, jk insurance调解员通过订阅来自保险代理商以他们的名字提出新的索赔请求时接收到通知。
  5. As we all know that , the public insurance adjuster hasn ’ t been accepted by the market . most of the insurance companies like to complete the job of estimation by themselves . all of these problems have restricted the whole profession ’ s development
  6. It's difficult to find insurance adjuster in a sentence. 用insurance adjuster造句挺难的
  7. So the mature of the public insurance adjuster industry will become the premise of the consummation of our insurance industry . while comparing to insurance agent and insurance broker , the public insurance adjuster has been still in the initial stage and has so many problems
  8. As one kind of insurance intermediary institutions , the public insurance adjuster hasn ’ t only related but also been different from insurance agent and insurance broker . they make up the three pillars of insurance market , which plays a decisive role in the development of insurance industry
  9. Firstly , the public insurance adjuster ’ s appearance is the production of the division of the labor . secondly , it can protect the rights of the insurer and the insured ; also it can reduce the dispute between them . at the same time , it ’ s the need of our insurance market to adapt the competition after entering into the wto
  10. In the legal field , there are more problems which should be paid great attention to . first , the legal status of the public insurance adjuster in our country is not definite , which hasn ’ t been resolved even after the revision of the insurance law . second , at present , our insurance law and other regulations regarding the legal liability of public insurance adjuster is too fuzzy
    按照我国加入wto时的承诺, 2005年以后我国应全面放开保险中介市场,在我国保险公估业发展极不完善的情况下,外资保险公估机构的进入会对我国的保险公估业造成很大的冲击,我国保险中介市场必将迎来一个挑战与机遇并存的时代。


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