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  1. Employment injury insurance bond is the physical base of the goal to implement the employment injury insurance . rate system is the key problems of raise the employment injury insurance bond , and it ' s also the core of employment injury insurance management system
  2. In order to compete with traditional insurance industry and convert risks , western investment banks and insurance companies are actively studying insurance risk securitization , designing and developing risk converting instruments including insurance bonds , insurance derivative products and so on
  3. After comparing the current three employments injury insurance bond raising models , the thesis make a conclusion that assessment of constituent capitals system has the highest rate , but could raise the employment injury insurance reserve this could settle the realistic problem of hardly dealing with outburst injury , hardly preventing employment injury and hardly making occupation illnesses recovery feasible . assessment of constituent capitals system is suitable for the injury insurance the socialization reform just the start ' s country just like our country
    论文首先对当今世界各国工伤保险的三种基金筹集模式? ?当年平衡式、阶段平衡式、总体平衡式? ?进行了分析对比,得出总体平衡的基金筹集模式虽然费率最高,但能够提高工伤保险储备,解决目前较少的工伤保险储备金难以应对突发性伤亡事故的发生、不能很好的实行工伤预防和职业康复工作等现实问题的结论,适合类似于我国这样的工伤保险社会化改革刚起步的国家使用。
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