1. Unimmunized contacts, especially infants, should receive 2 to 4 ml. of hyperimmue gamma globulin intramuscularly .
  2. Unimmunized contacts , especially infants , should receive 2 to 4 ml . of hyperimmue gamma globulin intramuscularly
    未经免疫的接触者,尤其是婴儿,应接受2 4毫升高度免疫性的丙种球蛋白肌肉注射。
  3. Spf chickens with 21 - day - old were infected subcutaneously with oil - emulsion vaccine of ibdv of germinal or cellcular and injected intramuscularly with different dosages bursin which gain through ultrafilter . lt is proved that bursin of chickens and ducks can both shorten the time of antibody induced against ibdv , raise the level of serum antibody . they make chickens obtaining strong immunocompetente in a short time . agp liters of the group of infecting 0 . 4mlcbs + ibdv of germinal and 0 . 8mlcbs + ibdv of cellcular or 0 . 8mldbs + ibdv of germinal and cellcular are higher than immune control group about 2 liters averagely . the chickens were inoculated with ibdv live vaccine mixed with the different dosages of lyophilized bursin by the eye drop method . the results sugest that cbs or dbs of different dosages can both improve the antibody inducation to different age chickens against ibdv . they may also alleviate the immunological injury of activated virus to bursa of fabricius . and promote the repairation of the lesion . it can be found that bs can raise body weight gain and feed coversion ratio
    将超滤获得的法氏囊活性肽分别以不同剂量肌肉注射21日龄spf鸡,同时颈部皮下注射ibd胚毒或细胞毒灭活苗,结果表明:鸡、鸭法氏囊活性肽都能够缩短ibd油苗诱导产生抗体的时间,提高抗体水平,使鸡可以在比较短的时间内获得坚强的免疫。 0 . 4mlcbs胚毒组和0 . 8mlcbs细胞毒组或0 . 8mldbs胚毒和细胞毒组的agp抗体滴度平均比免疫对照组高2个滴度。将法氏囊活性肽与ibd活苗联合免疫鸡,结果表明:不同剂量的cbs和dbs都可以对不同日龄鸡ibd抗体的产生有不同程度的促进作用;还可以减少弱毒对鸡法氏囊组织的损伤,加快其修复。
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