intranasal instillation造句

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  1. pulmonary fibrosis was induced in the model group by intranasal instillation of bleomycin 5 mg kg . hxd were given via gastrogavage to the hxd prevention group and treatment group respectively at 48 h before and 14 days after they were modeled with the same method, and the groups of ligustrazin and prednisone, treatment and prevention, were managed the same as for hxd groups, but with ligustazin and prednisone instead of hxd respectively . bronchoalveolar lavage fluid balf and lung tissue of animals were gathered on day 28 cellular ultrastructural changes of lung was examined under electron microscope by he, masson stain; content of hydroxyproline in lung tissue was assessed by acidolysis method; and concentration of transforming growth factor 1 tgf 1 in balf was assessed by elisa
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