1. The virus grows readily in ferrets and mice without adoption following intranasal exposure .
  2. By the intranasal route
  3. It is predominant in females and it may present as either an extranasal , intranasal , or a combined form
    本文提出一例女性病例,于右眼泪囊处生出一0 . 8公分大的肿块;断层扫描显示充塞于整个泪囊及鼻泪管中。
  4. Though the uncommon lesion , the lobular capillary hemangioma must be considered in the differential diagnosis of intranasal mass in children
  5. Intranasal drug majority contain ephedrine , the drug for vasoconstrictor , hypertension patients , children with caution , atrophic rhinitis were banned
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  7. We present a 9 - year - old child with intranasal lobular capillary hemangioma who suffered from epistaxis and nasal obstruction for several months
  8. Diluting virus with 0 . 85 % nacl into concentration of 10 - 1 - 108 , the normal mice were challenged by intranasal inoculation of a range of 200ul virus dilution to assay its ld50
    以10一仪10一,八个稀释度的病毒鼻腔接种小鼠, 0 . lml /只,测定其小鼠半数致死量( lds 。
  9. " for every 100 patients treated with intranasal corticosteroids , seven additional patients had complete or marked symptom relief , " compared to those in the placebo group , the reviewers found
    评论家比较这些研究对照组发现: “每一百名接受鼻内皮质类固醇治疗的患者中,就额外又多出七名患者的症状得到显著减轻或完全缓解。 ”
  10. Conclusion with the advantages of clear operation field , direct vision , mild trauma , rapid recovery and avoidance of facial scar , intranasal endoscopic surgery can treat the nose - eye related diseases and nasal diseases at the same time
  11. In terms of cmis , all mucosa such as gut , nasal and rectal routs can be used to inoculate vaccine . intranasal immunization does not expose antigens to low ph and a broad range of degradative enzymes
    根据共同粘膜免疫系统( commonmucosalimmunitysystem , cmis )理论,在一个粘膜部位接种可以在其它远距离粘膜部位产生免疫反应,胃、鼻腔、直肠均可作为粘膜接种的途径。
  12. In the meantime , comparing with control group , evident immune protection against hp was induced . the dose is 10 g per mouse of intranasal immunization , 25 g per mouse of rectal immunization and 50 g per mouse of oral immunization
    细胞因子的rt一pcr试验证实,小鼠感染后胃组织主要有inf - y表达,无il一4表达,表现为thl反应,攻毒后未感染的免疫鼠胃组织中则表达il一4 ,表现为thz反应。
  13. Respiratory nose is the most forward outpost , whether cold or rhinitis might cause the nasal olfactory retardation , blocked lead to adverse reactions such as headaches , and nasal dropping the treatment of nasal disease is the main measures , the following intranasal talk about the correct way
  14. Antigen in me was stable after treated with gastric juice for 6h . me has significantly enhanced the immune efficiency of rhp . in this study , high specific antibodies levels were induced in serum , gastric and intestinal mucosa of balb / c mice immunized with rhp by oral , rectal and intranasal route
  15. Firstly , stable rhp gel ( viscid coefficient 8050 centipoise ) was prepared . it did not destruct antigenic integrity and induced stronger immune response than rhp solution did after administered by intranasal route or rectal route . secondly , rhp multiple emulsion ( me ) was prepared in two - stage emulsification method
    本研究以rhp疫苗(含rureb及佐剂ltb )为对象,研制了适合鼻腔、直肠及口服免疫的剂型,考察了rhp疫苗经鼻腔、直肠及口服接种后的免疫应答水平及保护效率,并探讨了免疫保护机制。
  16. Children rhinitis , sinusitis in children , children with allergic rhinitis , children rhinitis , sinusitis children , children allergic rhinitis : clinical treatment : children rhinitis occurs when adults take to avoid readily rhinitis medication , children ' s nose points rhinitis nasal drug concentration required to reduce infant banned vasoconstrictor , intranasal net , ephedrine , rhinitis in children should be treated conservatively , with the age growth and development , many cases will disappear naturally
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