is showing造句


  1. Certainly, Smith is showing no outward signs of wearing down.
  2. I commend the president for the resolve that he is showing.
  3. And Team Fat is showing surprising influence in creating that standard.
  4. The rest of the running community is showing no such restraint.
  5. Brazil is showing it's taking unilateral action ."
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  7. The empire we built on slavery is showing signs of collapse.
  8. Now the ceiling under the roof is showing a gray area.
  9. A local theater is showing the The Pride of the Yankees.
  10. Labor's dynamism is showing many faces throughout the state.
  11. Filofax is showing that there is life after the yuppie era.
  12. The economy is showing signs of recovery as the weather improves.
  13. As for Valerie, she is showing encouraging signs of recovery.
  14. But it is showing signs of turning away from extreme neutrality.
  15. The scent is showing up in everything from shampoo to cologne.
  16. The economy is showing signs of slowing in the second half.
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