is that necessary造句


  1. "Is that necessary ? " said one.
  2. Is that necessary to protect the integrity of the game?
  3. Hence the rule is that necessary expenses for obtaining the income ( contract ) are deductible.
  4. But why is that necessary, I ask ? talk ) 19 : 49, 13 April 2012 ( UTC)
  5. Is that necessary; it's pretty costly to do that, and I wonder if I really need to.
  6. It's difficult to find is that necessary in a sentence. 用is that necessary造句挺难的
  7. Is that necessary, or is golf's current high-tech wave merely the player-side equivalent of the industrial revolution?
  8. "It's one of those things that on its face you say, ` Well, why is that necessary ? "'
  9. ON PLASTIC SURGERY : " Friend of mine is going in for a nose job . . . . Rhinoplasty, that's what they call it . . . . RHINO . Is that necessary?
  10. Carson said that he is not opposed to a Palestinian state, but questioned why it needs " to be within the confines of Israeli territory [ & ] Is that necessary, or can you sort of slip that area down into Egypt ?"
  11. What's intriguingly ironic about this is that necessary debate concerning institutional Hollywood racism is inevitably trivialized by linkage to a glamour event like an awards show, while consideration of Halle Berry, Will Smith and Denzel Washington's highly deserving work is being influenced by other forces rather than judged as it should be, on artistic quality alone.
  12. As a gadget that could turn it off, I don't think this request is that necessary either, given that you can indeed modify your style sheets . . . I'm curious as to whether or not a javascript version would allow for more per-article control than the css version does .-- talk ) 17 : 10, 3 November 2008 ( UTC)


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