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  1. He peddles his drink in reusable glass bottles and 16-ounce plastic containers, their labels adorned with Easter Island stone heads.
  2. These particularly constructed chimneys were later referred to as " Rhode Island Stone-enders . " Only a couple of these chimneys survive.
  3. In 2014, he won the amateur division in the Mackinac Island stone-skipping tournament with 22 skips becoming a professional in 2015.
  4. The oldest portion of this house, built c . 1705 is a classical Rhode Island stone ender house, whose large chimney has since been completely enclosed in the structure.
  5. The original Port Arthur High School was opened on January 8, 1889 . The cornerstone of the new building was laid by James Conmee on July 7, 1909 . The building was designed by architect Henry Simpson in the Queen Anne style using Simpson Island Stone, and opened on September 6, 1910.
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  7. The data with respect to the road constructed by the nine remaining corporations, together with that constructed by the Blue Island Stone Company, not a corporate predecessor, and the years in which the various portions of the line were constructed are given in the accounting report . [ what is this accounting report ?]
  8. At the Ecomuseum, restored old buildings like an active oldfashioned smallholding, a skipper-farmhouse, a blacksmith and a grain mill amongst others, exposes the connection between Sams?s landscape, culture and inhabitants through the ages which includes an exhibition of the islands Stone Age past, traced to about 9.000 BC.
  9. In the 1998 General Catalog these drawings have been photographed and classified in twenty-three thematic series : Standing nudes, Seated nudes, Reclining nudes, Two nudes, Via Crucis of Don Quixote, Portraits, Religious themes, Maternities, Drawings anticipating Easter Island, Stones, Mythology of Chile, Assorted themes, Moais, Bird Men, Moai hands, Komaris, Easter Island torsos, Birds, the Flying Bird series, the Marine series, Easter Island stones, and Assorted Easter Island themes.
  10. There are nine series of drawings from the Island : the " Series of the Moais " ( 29 drawings inspired by the Moai ( gigantic stone sculptures of the Island ) ); the " Series of the Make-Makes " ( 32 drawings inspired by Petroglyphs of Make Make a god with big eyes who is frequently represented in Rapa Nui petroglyphs ); the " Series of the Bird-Men " ( 17 drawings about some mythological beings, half man and half bird that symbolize the Tangata Manu-victor hero of a competition for power and for a legendary egg ); the " Series of the Moai Hands " ( 10 drawings ); the " Series of the Komaris " ( 7 drawings about the komari or vulva another frequent topic for Rapa Nui petroglyphs ); the " Series of the Birds " ( 5 drawings that have the central motif of two birds facing each other with their beaks touching, thus suggesting the second title for the drawings : " The Kiss " ); the " Series of the Flying Bird " ( 5 drawings inspired in a particular stone relief from Anakena that Lorenzo Dom韓guez considered the supreme masterpiece among the Island's petroglyphs : a bird, or bird-man, whose stylization was for Dom韓guez " a stroke of genius " ); the " Marine Series " ( 5 drawings on a particular type of petroglyphs, engraved on the ground and depicting some sea creatures ); and the " Series of the Easter Island Stones " ( 5 drawings of stones of remarkable shapes, including some that suggest a skull or the idea of death ).


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