island studios造句


  1. In recognition of its heritage the building is now called Island Studios.
  2. "No Quarter " was recorded in 1972 at Island Studios, London.
  3. It was recorded at Island Studios in London, England and released in 1973.
  4. Recording began in January 1975 at Island Studios in London with producer John Burns.
  5. It was recorded between August 1976 and March 1977 at Island Studios, London.
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  7. Other rhythm tracks were recorded at Island Studios.
  8. Laswell opted to record the album from scratch at Platinum Island studio in New York City.
  9. In 1977, through Eno, Plank recruited Dave Hutchins from Island Studios, as house engineer.
  10. With initial interest from Apple Records and Island studios to finish off the album during September and October 1974.
  11. After he built his Long Island studio in the early 1960s, he ordered doors for it _ solid ones.
  12. We stayed up all night and went down to Island Studios where Keith put some reggae guitars over one section.
  13. Subsequent sessions at Island Studios resulted in four recordings which were rejected by Island Records but welcomed by Chiswick Records.
  14. McCartney became interested in painting after watching artist Willem de Kooning work in de Kooning's Long Island studio.
  15. Kristian Lundin also recorded the song at CMK Island Studios and Westlake Studios, both in Los Angeles, California.
  16. Refugee recorded their only studio album, " Refugee " ( 1974 ), at Island Studios in London.
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