it hurts so good造句


  1. T-shirts emblazoned with Earnhardt's face were quickly printed up, brandishing the caption, " It Hurt So Good ".
  2. But in this frustrating season they have all been through, for the Astros, for Caminiti, right now, it hurts so good.
  3. Williams'urge to branch out from break-up songs is understandable, but it's unnecessary _ especially because, even after a quarter century, she still makes it hurt so good.
  4. Take away the sweet pop arrangement of Anne Murray's hit version of " Snowbird, " and you get a profoundly sad song of betrayal and loss _ and it hurts so good.
  5. "But at that point, we were winning, so it hurt so good . " . . . Miami's Dan Majerle pulled his groin in the first half and played with limited mobility against Allan Houston.
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  7. Millie Jackson testifying exactly why " It Hurts So Good, " the tortured truth of Wright's courtroom-of-love saga " Eight Men, Four Women, " drummer Howard Grimes'l-l-lazy but aching heartbeat on practically everything Green and Peebles cut at Hi.
  8. "Cleopatra Jones " is accompanied by a rhythm-and-blues soundtrack featuring Joe Simon singing  Theme from Cleopatra Jones and Millie Jackson singing  Love Doctor and  It Hurts So Good .  Instrumentals on the soundtrack include  Goin to the Chase,  " Wrecking Yard " and  Go Chase Cleo .  " Oriental-style " music combined with jazz, bass and strings creates an exotic tone.
  9. The song  Theme from Cleopatra Jones emphasizes the fantasy of erotic pleasure for men :  You re so sweet and strong & / Touch me like the desert wind .  In the theme song, the lyrics depict the threat and thrill of her exotic beauty :  You take my pride and you throw it up against the wall / You take me in your arms, baby, and bounce me like a rubber ball & / Dontcha know that it hurts so good .  The soundtrack was a popular success, selling well over 500, 000 copies.


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