it is worth while造句

"it is worth while"是什么意思   


  1. It is worth while to see the museum .
  2. It is worth while to see the museum .
  3. It is worth while to take a trip abroad
  4. Do you think it is worth while ?
    你觉得这样做值得吗? ”
  5. It is worth while to read the book
  6. It's difficult to find it is worth while in a sentence. 用it is worth while造句挺难的
  7. It is worth while to learn english
  8. It is worth while discussing
  9. It is worth while asking how far their education contributed to their success
  10. We shall realize that it is worth while living as men ready to fulfil a heavenly calling
    (启一: 5 , 6 )如果我们使它真的有价值,就得预备成全了天上的呼召。
  11. ( e ) it is worth while pointing out that heating may bring about certain changes in the structure of any matetrial
  12. But wait , and you shall hear if he conned his a b c to please me ; and if it were worth while being civil to the brute
  13. It is worth while to refine overseas designers ’ ingenious design technique , unfamiliar ideal and high - tech and use them for example . the domestic visual environment design should be enhanced in the present basis
  14. Finally , the achievements of this thesis were applied to the management of a certain real estate developing enterprise in xi ' an and achieved good application effects . it is worth while to be consulted prevalently by real estate developing enterprise


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