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  1. Design of general item bank system based on j2ee
  2. Discusses the structure of item bank and the method to creating exam papers
  3. Research on problem of item bank auto - composing test paper based on genetic algorithm
  4. The development of the item bank of graphic deductive test based on item response theory
  5. As an important education resource , the study of the item bank system has already become a heated subject
  6. It's difficult to find item bank in a sentence. 用item bank造句挺难的
  7. This paper is concerned with the setup of a test item bank and the design and completion of an automatically test paper generating system
  8. Compare to traditional item bank , this system ' s structure , function and the principle of running has also been improved greatly
  9. Compared to the traditional item bank , distributed item bank has been becoming more and more decentralized , structural and synergic
  10. The research on test equating is very important for test equity , item banking , teaching quality assessing , and computerized adaptive test
  11. But the data information in traditional item bank is commonly stored as tables by a few types of relational databases
  12. At first , it introduces some item bank theories and connected terminology , including the basic characteristic and assignable requirements for the quality of test paper
  13. Owning to universality of xml description , xml engine is provided convert to xml for every different item bank system , sharing item bank can be realized
  14. Aiming at the actuality of item bank system , we present an idea about generic item bank for the test - system , which can be used as a unified test - managing system of all courses
  15. The paper has briefly described the changes from the pencil - and - paper test to ibt that computers may effect in language testing , from test item types item bank development , test means to score reports
  16. Wth the rapid development of information technology the philosophy of modem education and the irisboents of teaching are reforming constantly and computer assisted item bank system is attached more and more importane
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