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  1. "We don't need to provide golf courses for the jack rabbits ."
  2. Jack rabbits and quail wander its quiet streets without fear of accident.
  3. Roadrunners, wild turkeys, jack rabbits and Santa Gertrudis cattle crossed the agents'path.
  4. Jack Rabbit Knob is east of Antelope Lake playa in Cactus Flat.
  5. Buster's more of a jack rabbit terrier, such are his ears.
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  7. It's a painfully flat country of cotton fields, oil wells and jack rabbits.
  8. Reid also published his first novel, " Jack Rabbit Parole, " that year.
  9. Sagebrush near the canyon is the favored habitat of jack rabbits.
  10. Church on Sunday; community supper on Monday; clubbing jack rabbits on weekend evenings.
  11. For more information, consumers can call Jack Rabbit Creations toll free at 1-888-376-5225.
  12. The area is populated with yucca plants and cactuses, coyotes and jack rabbits.
  13. The two head to Jack Rabbit Slim's, a 50s themed restaurant to eat dinner.
  14. The film's big'50s homage is the restaurant, Jack Rabbit Slims.
  15. In the early morning, rabbits-- black-tailed jack rabbits and cottontails-- came out to feed.
  16. Four years later, Krohngold, Strumlauf, and Jim Sullivan started Jack Rabbit Lounge in Buckhead Village.
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