james somersett造句


  1. A man called James Somersett was the slave of a Boston customs officer.
  2. The African slaves'legal status was unclear until the 1772 Somersett's Case, when the fugitive slave James Somersett forced a decision by the courts.
  3. On 13 January 1772, Sharp was visited and asked for help by James Somersett, a slave from Virginia in America, who had come to England with his master Charles Stewart in 1769 and had run away in October 1771.
  4. But the decision of 1772 in James Somersett's case was widely misunderstood as freeing slaves in England, and whilst not legally accurate, this perception was fuelled by the growing abolitionist movement, notwithstanding this was scarcely an accurate reflection of the decision.
  5. Wise is the author of " hog farms and the world's largest slaughterhouse . " Though the Heavens May Fall " ( 2005 ), recounts the 1772 trial in England of James Somersett, a black man rescued from a ship heading for the West Indies slave markets, which gave impetus to the movement to abolish slavery in Britain and the United States ( see Somersett's Case ) . " Drawing the Line " ( 2002 ), which describes the relative intelligence of animals and human beings.
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