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  1. This James McAlister, the nephew of James Somerville, also never married.
  2. James Somerville is of Cambusnethan in Ayrshire, Scotland.
  3. He married Catherine Somerville, the daughter of Sir James Somerville, 1st Baronet.
  4. The fleet withdrew first to James Somerville arrived in Ceylon and assumed command from Layton.
  5. Marschall, Lindemann and other officers met with the British Governor and Rear Admiral James Somerville.
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  7. In mid-morning a Coastal Command James Somerville, had been diverted north from Gibraltar.
  8. He implemented the plan  codenamed " Admiral James Somerville gave the orders to destroy the French vessels.
  9. On 25 February, the Third Battleship Division provided cover for air attacks on the Admiral James Somerville.
  10. A third man, former UDR soldier, John James Somerville was sentenced to life imprisonment in November 1981.
  11. Admiral Sir James Somerville, Commander-in-Chief, Eastern Fleet, became the naval commander under Mountbatten.
  12. Following the fall of Singapore and dissolution of ABDA, command of the Eastern Fleet was given to Sir James Somerville.
  13. The FECB worked for Admiral Sir James Somerville, commander-in-chief of the Royal Navy's Eastern Fleet.
  14. McDowell and Crozier were serving UDR soldiers at the time of the murders and John James Somerville was a former UDR member.
  15. But Admiral James Somerville, the fleet commander, found the port inadequate and doubted that it could be defended from determined attack.
  16. Sailing from Trincomalee, under the command of Admiral James Somerville, were two aircraft carriers ( and " Tantalus " ).
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