james son of zebedee造句


  1. Acts 12 : 1-2 which I strongly believe refers to James son of Zebedee.
  2. Also you will find James son of Zebedee's death here . http : / / www . newadvent . org / cathen / 08279b . htm
  3. The New Testament scholar Dennis MacDonald identifies Castor and Pollux as basis characters for the appearance of James son of Zebedee and his brother John who appear in the narrative by Mark the Evangelist.
  4. Since there was already another James ( James, son of Zebedee ) among the twelve apostles, equating James son of Alphaeus with " James the Less " made sense . ( James son of Zebedee was sometimes called " James the Greater " ).
  5. And finally the section'Tradition'has unsourced text saying " we are never explicitly told that James son of Alphaeus has a brother . " and two sources which supposedly back the statement " Robert Eisenman and The New Advent online Catholic Encylopeida Catholic Encyclopedia : James son of Zebedee both suggest that the death of James in Acts 12 : 1-2 is James, son of Zebedee and not James son of Alphaeus . " I can't find this in the Catholic Encyclopedia ( I may of course have missed it ) and I will ask the editor to provide a quote from each backing the claim.
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