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"journal ad"是什么意思   


  1. That was six weeks, four Wall Street Journal ads and $ 10, 000 ago.
  2. In Noticioso Journal ads are inserted " for nothing ".
  3. James McDougal, of Whitewater fame, spotted a Wall Street Journal ad in the mid-1980s advertising a tract of Campobello Island on sale for $ 825, 000.
  4. Drug companies spent a record $ 1 billion on consumer advertising last year, about 40 percent more than in 1996 and triple the amount spent on journal ads for pharmaceuticals.
  5. The excitement and hubris of the times was summed up by a two-page Wall Street Journal ad purchased by the bank's now-reeling Robertson Stephens investment banking unit in August 2000.
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  7. "Accelerating the momentum the Journal has built in consumer advertising over the past two and a half years . . . should enable us to diversify and moderate cyclicality in Journal ad revenues, " Richard Zannino, the chief operating officer of Dow Jones, said in a statement.


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